In the year 2243 the planet Earth and the rest of the solar system was on the verge of catastrophe. A rogue pulsar, a star radiating deadly radiation, was about to pass near the solar system with devastating results. The only hope of the human race lay in the vast resources of the megacorporations.

Between them they constructed three great generational starships which would carry the human race into the next inhabitable solar system. These ships were the Ascension, the Salvation and the Deliverance. They were to set course for Alpha Centauri, where it was believed there would be sufficient resources to build a new humanity.

But something went wrong. The ships were caught in a strange anomaly and cast adrift into unfamiliar stars. Empty of planets worth colonising. For 500 years these behemoth city ships plowed through the stars searching for somewhere that humanity could settle and rebuild. In the year 2747, they found it.

The Ascension was the first to scan the system and so they named it Mara due to the binary stars that were its centre. There are several planets, at least 3 of which seem within the habitable zone. It was almost like it was made for humanity…but it couldn't be… could it.

Now the megacorporations are nationalities unto themselves and with a chance to free themselves from the arks, they are making their plays to seize control of this new system and to shape the fate of humanity. Unfortunately for them, they are not alone…




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