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Turn 1 Instructions

Hey guys,

All your probe survey results should now be in. They’re visible only to you on your character’s obsidian portal page. Also on that page is a secret section that only you and the GM can see, for submitting your first action.

We would like the format for an action to be:

Action description:
Personnel used:
Stat being used:
Relevant tech:

Remember a location is a special thing in Cybercorp and for most of you it will be your flagship (which has a size and therefore an appropriate amount of personnel). I would recommend that you spend this turn obtaining another location, so you can do more actions next time. Though you might also want to get a tech headstart, I leave it to you.

If you do want to build a new location… say on a planet, then you may want to get your naming on quick. It’s a first come first served naming affair, but if multiple people are claiming the same planet you’ll need an action to cement it amongst the general populace.

Actions are generally ‘on-going’ projects until the GMs tell you they are done. You can however choose to pause a project and switch your location to a different goal. The GMs will decide if the half finished thing gives you any benefit or if it has to be finished completely.

Here is an example action as create by Doctrine, a corp that doesn’t actually exist, but hey.

Title: Construct Starbase Alpha
Location: The Eclipse (Flagship)
Action description: Construct a new location in the form of a starbase built around the asteroid that we have discovered on square Z100. This starbase is focusing on harnessing solar radiation and we intend it to be a source of power. Feel free to add more flowery description, but the core elements should ideally be simple and early so we don’t get confused
Personnel used: 3
Stat being used: Military (we are using our soldier’s zero g training to help us build)
Relevant tech: Solar sails to harness solar radiation. We also want to spend all available finance on it.

Note: With regards to stats for building, we’re fairly lenient. As long as it makes sense, we’ll generally let it fly. When it comes to more specific actions (such as research or warfare) you will need to use the normal stats.

When building locations you’ll start with size 1 and then you can spend actions to expand, increasing the size (at the cost of whatever else the location would be used for). Expansion cost increases with each new size, so you might want to start slow and then expand when you have other locations ready. Remember each location can do one action at a time, but can spend personnel equal to the size.
Note: Feel free to contact other players with trade deals or to “share” information. Use whatever method is most comfortable for you (obsidian portal has a messaging system) but you MUST include both the GMs (me and Gil) in any communication. Any communication done outside our knowledge is not considered accurate or to have happened at all.

Aliens, however, cannot be communicated with by anyone (except the GMs). If you want to contact one of the alien species (who you are not aware of yet, haha) then you must contact the GMs with your message and… well…. Something will get lost in translation. :P

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