Zero Waste

ZeeDub - Refuse recycling and repurposing


Below is an excerpt from a ZeeDub (Zero Waste) public information sticker found on the underside of public ZeeDub waste collection receptacles.

ZeeDub (Zero Waste) are responsible for your family unit’s waste collection within your habitat/area of residence. To find out when your waste is collected and for more information please go to the relevant section of ZeeDub’s site on line.

Our automated sorting facilities effectively separate your waste into their relevant recycling categories so you don’t have to. However, we politely request that any biological items placed in your waste collection receptacles are actually waste as we apologise that any live, sentient organisms identified within your waste collection receptacles cannot be accepted.

For a full list of ZeeDub’s services please visit the relevant section of ZeeDub’s site on line. Examples of further services include: water purification, sewage processing and treatment and reclamation and reselling of recycled materials.


Zero Waste

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