What is an action

An action, at it’s core, is your ability to do something in Cybercorp. Everything you do, whether from research, attacking another player, or terraforming a planet, is an action.

Mechanically an action is something has an investment of personnel and/or resources. Effectively starting a project or changing a project. Ending a project does not cost an action (because it no longer has an investment).

Note: Ships have an additional navigate action that is effectively free. You can move a ship and have it running a project. Obviously if the project is location based, that ship will need to be in that location.

What does an action look like?

Make your actions like this:

Action name:
Location used:
Action description:
Personnel Used:
Stats used:
Relevant tech used:


Action name: Research FTL drives
Location used: Flagship
Action description: Research how to take our spaceships faster than light.
Personnel Used: 3
Stats used: RnD
Relevant tech used: Superior ion engines.

How many actions do I have?

You have as many actions as you have locations. Each location can run a single project at a time. If you have 5 free locations (i.e no projects running there) you can make 5 actions in your turn.

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