This is the hardest part of corporation creation, the concept.

Try and come up with a brief idea of what you want to be playing around with. You could be a research corporation obsessed with solar technology, or perhaps a building corporation that wants to create a space elevator.

Think very carefully and choose something you can enjoy. Feel free to steal from existing sci fi organisations, but try to give them your own spin.

Optional – Not Human (2 slots)

New to Cybercorp is the option of not being human. You can create an entirely new alien race and chat to the GM about what that means. There are advantages to this, firstly you’ll have a couple of extra corporation construction stats at the start and you can also be a little more flexible with your starting technology.

However, there is quite a big drawback. You are not allowed to interact (in character) with any corporation AT ALL. All communication must be done through the GMs who will then filter it into an appropriate alien language for other players to decipher. Communication will only be allowed when one or more Corporations have spent sufficient time and effort to work out your language and even then the GMs will inject…cultural misunderstandings.

Alien characters will not be able to pull from the Arkship personnel pool without sufficient research and effort either. However they will have their own (much smaller) personnel pools which they can experiment with a bit more.

There are only two alien slots available, they will be allocated based on what the GMs believe are the most interesting concepts. If you want to be an alien, get thinking now, but it’s not guaranteed.

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