Current technology

Your initial technology level is at the same level as when the colony ships left the Sol system 500 years ago.

This list does not include any proprietary technologies brought by the corporations.

GM note: This is not an exhaustive list! It’s just supposed to give you a basic grounding in setting tech levels and ideas for what directions you might want to try researching. Feel free to ask the GMs for information about any other techs and we’ll let you know if you need to research it (how feasible it is will be a research project itself) or whether it’s a basic starting tech.



3D printers capable of printing, in a reasonable time, most macro-scale structures from metal, ceramic and plastic have been provided on each of the colony pods in order to bootstrap the new civilisation. The blueprints have also been provided in your flagship database, these include ones for factories for basic medicine and basic micro-scale manufacture.


This is extremely limited – requiring relatively pure sources of material and can be inefficient with much waste.


You are capable of building heavy robotics for assembly lines or automated repetitive tasks like moving resources round within a factory. They have no form of intelligence or decision making so don’t expect them to solve any problems themselves. You do have the technology to drive these remotely with a human to the limit of your communications technology.



Medicine is still based on drugs, injection and pills.

Growth and repair

There are a few drugs known that can provide a minor increase in maturation rate and muscle growth in humans. There are freely available artificial limb replacement, they are obviously mechanical, slower and weaker than the limb they replace. Organ replacements are more difficult to fabricate and provide poor functionality – which is admittedly better than none. There are no replacements available for brains.



Your colony pods have been provided with a wide variety of genetically modified Earth seed crops. These are disease resistant and should be capable of surviving the alien biomes you’ll be planting them in.



The average phone at the time of launch has capable of providing a virtual reality environment through head mounted displays.


All data concerning this subject is missing from your corporation databases. You do know that the three AI on the arkships were the pinnacle of human ingenuity at the time of launch though. They are capable of learning from input but not of creative thought.

Energy generation


Nuclear reactors have barely improved over those in the 21st century. Your colony pods and flagship each have one of these though their peak output is limited.

Fusion reactors were the bleeding edge of technology at the time of launch. They are huge, expensive to produce and relatively inefficient but they produce little hazardous waste when kept in working order. The three arkships have these but the designs and technology are missing from your corporation databases.


Solar panels are very inefficient and have a short lifetime before replacement, but they produce no waste and require no operators.

Space technology


Your options are currently projectiles which have limited range and ammunition but can punch through unarmoured surfaces or lasers which have a longer range but require a lot of energy which limits their practicality.


Thick bits of metal is about as good as it gets currently and reflective surfaces can provide limited protection from lasers.


The tech available is usually radio, light or microwaves. Interplanetary communication is possible but there can be long delays.


Chemical rockets capable of landing and taking off on a planet are available though they are inefficient and require a lot of fuel meaning that ship size is limited. The ones on your colony pods and flagship are the best available at the time of launch.

You’re unsure what kind of drives the arkships are equipped with.



This is extremely limited, you can redirect water courses by use of canals and irrigate land.

Space stations

These are effectively ships without engines and under similar size restrictions.

Current technology

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