What are Locations?

In essence a location is a place where you can run a project. Each location can run only a single project, but certain locations are more efficient than others.

Location Stats

Locations have the following stats:-

  • Size – How many Personnel you can put in the location.
  • Industry – Each turn you will get a number of industry resources that will be added to your industry resource pool. See the resources section for how these can be used.
  • Food – This actually represents all the basic needs of your Personnel. Each turn you’ll get a number of food resources equal to this stat minus this location’s Personnel (min of 0). If this would be a positive number, your Personnel will be performing at optimal efficiency.
  • Energy – Energy represents your power output and a few strange science discoveries. Each turn you will receive a number of energy resources equal to this stat.

Improving a location

Improving a location is as simple as making an action to improve it. As with all Cybercorp actions, a hidden cost will be applied by the GMs and when that cost has been reached (i.e when the right number of points have been spent on it) the action will resolve.

Some locations are easier to improve than others. I.e a verdant m class planet is much easier to turn into an agricultural wonderland than a barren asteroid.

Some actions will be impossible without the pre-requisite technological improvement. You won’t discover if an action is impossible until it’s resolution.

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