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Rules and Systems

Stats and what they mean

Creating your corporation

All of these steps should be done off obsidian portal and emailed to the GMs for approval. Once confirmed you can create a homepage for your corporation in the Characters section of the portal. The GMs will then add your stats to a private section of that page. 


The Mara System

Current technology

The Golden Rules

  1. This is just a game, anything that happens in this game should not be brought over into real life. Conversely real life should not be carried over into this game. 
  2. Where reality and/or science contradicts the word of the GMs the GMs word takes precedence. Somethings just need a little game balance. 
  3. Have fun. Don't take this too seriously, if it stops being fun talk to a GM and we'll see what we can suggest to make it more enjoyable. 
  4. Don't be a dick. Seriously. It's fine to have PvP machinations in this game and you are well within your rights to destroy a rival corp… but don't insult them as they get obliterated and don't use real life events to screw them over. Keep it in the game and try and keep it fun. 
  5. Don't take it personal. Backstabbing will happen. Someone will try and destroy your corporation. It's up to you to stop them in game. Please try to see the fun in such a coup and go with it. Worst comes to the worst you can make a new corporation. 

Main Page

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