What are personnel?

Put simply, personnel are your workforce. They are the people you send off to do actions at locations and they are the lifeblood of your corporation.

When performing a project, each point of personnel invested into a project adds a number of points equal to the stat being used into that project.

E.g. You have 4 personnel at a location and are performing a covert ops project. Your covert ops stat is 10, this means that this location is creating 40 points towards this covert ops action every turn.

Note: You can only utilise the size of your location in personnel per action. E.g a size 3 location can only use up to 3 personnel in a project, regardless of your corps total personnel.

Gaining personnel

Aside from assorted sciencey ways of increasing your workforce, your main method of personnel will be a recruitment drive. There is a pool of personnel that are unaligned that are available to be recruited with an appropriate recruitment action. This is a limited resource shared across everyone.

This pool will grow and shrink based on environmental factors, but this will be handled by the GMs. The Arkships will take a census of the populace and can be petitioned for the current state of the population.

Losing personnel

Personnel can be killed by various factors and their death is a permanent reduction in your personnel score. It is in your best interests to keep your personnel well guarded and looked after.

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