Planet Stats

A planet is made up of the following stats:-

  • Space – How many personnel you can put there.
  • Industry – How many industry resources this planet generates each turn.
  • Food – How many food resources this planet generates each turn.
  • Energy – How many energy resources this planet generates each turn.

What makes planets special?

Planets have the biggest potential for space. I.e you can keep improving their size to make them vastly more efficient.

In addition planets are the most likely places to contain secrets and mysteries that may help to uncover the strange nature of the Mara system. When you spend an action to scan a planet, you will be told the number of anomalies that you have discovered. Superior scanning technology will reveal more information (as well as some anomalies that you have not detected).


Anomalies can be researched or dealt with in a variety of ways and each anomaly might lead to unique new technologies or other useful game benefits. Some anomalies will be extremely powerful, so be sure to keep your special planets safe.

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