Everyone gets one unique starting technology. This shouldn’t be much more advanced than the suggested Current technology, but it can give your corporation an edge.

Be creative here, this is where your corporation will stand out.

Obviously the GMs will need to agree the starting technology.


  • Solar Nets – Your corporation has perfected the capture and storage of solar energy.
  • Stealth ships – Your ships are undetectable by starting scanners,
  • EM shields – You have the ability to resist more dangerous radiation than most other corporations.

The technology should be created to be interesting, not to exploit game mechanics. E.g you cannot just state “I want 1 extra industry resource for each planet” instead tell us about the advanced mining systems you have and why they’re interesting. The GMs will determine the mechanical effect.

Note that some starting technologies might not have an obvious mechanical benefit, but this does not mean they are useless. Chances are the GMs are cackling in a corner about the advantages your tech brings and you can use it to springboard into new, more interesting technology.

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