This is relatively straightforward, each stat starts at 2 and you have 25 points to spread amongst them. No stat may be raised higher than 10 at this stage (i.e you may only put 8 points into it).

Choose wisely, 25 points may sound like a lot, but it rapidly vanishes. You will be able to specialise in a couple of areas, but be careful about limiting yourself in too many others. A military and stronghold of 10 will cost you 16 points and make you feel powerful, but it will leave you weak in other areas and people will just as easily be able to damage you that way.

Generalist corporations are safer all round, but are vulnerable to specialists and have difficulty excelling themselves.

Choose wisely. It is possible to improve all stats during gameplay.


When you have your stats, present them and your corporation overview to the GMs. They will assign an archetype, which is a bonus to one or more stats and an equivalent penalty in others. The Archetype is how you will be able to get a starting stat higher than 10.

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