A corporation is made up of the following stats:-

Special Stats

Each of these stats has a unique way of working. Read them carefully to understand how they work.


This represents how much money your corporation generates each turn. It represents your ability to incentivise your workforce and to cover the inevitable costs of equipment.

Each turn you generate a number of finance resources to your pool. Finance resources can be spent on any action to improve it’s efficiency. You can also use finance resources to buy things from other players at a cost they set.

Alternatively, you can turn a point of your trade stat into a trade route between two locations. When doing so, designate how much of the resource they are trading. Note that unless you are using trade routes, you cannot share location resources with other locations.

Warning: it is also possible for people to steal your finance resources, so be sure to secure it.


The life blood of your corporation is of course your staff. Personnel gives you people that you can spread around your locations in order to complete actions for you. Each point of personnel represents roughly a million people, though you cannot break the number of personnel in a project down to less than a million (i.e you can spend integers only, no half personnel).

If your personnel is ever reduced to zero, your corporation has effectively been destroyed. Treat your people well.

Suggestion: It is unwise to make this a dump stat when building your corporation. However, you are limited by the location space when making actions, so too high a personnel is not a guaranteed best stat.

Power Stats

These stats represent your corporation’s efficiency at a certain area. When doing an action the location generates points equal to personnel spent on the action multiplied by the stat they are using. In the case of Dual stat projects, the mean average is used instead of the full stat.


Think of Psyche as your social power. It is your ability to disseminate rumours, win people over to your way of thinking and to slander another corporation’s good name.

Pyche is vital for diplomatic corporations, media corporations or anyone that wants to be able to manipulate people.


How good your corporation looks. Image is your social defensive stat and as such it is automatically applied to each location. A high image means that the general population really likes you, it means you can gather new employees easier and it means that it’s far harder to damage your reputation.

A low image represents a sinister appearance and generates hatred and distrust. Low image corporations are prone to terrorist attacks and disgruntled workforces.


This represents the warrior training of your corporations. It is your pure offensive capability. It’s added to ship actions, ground assaults and any time where might is preferred over reason.


This represents your ability to defend yourself. Stronghold is a defensive stat and is therefore automatically applied to each location. It’s your shielding technology and the efficiency of your security forces.

Covert Ops

This represents your ability to gather information, espionage or even sabotage. This could be an elite group of cyber hackers, or it could be ninjas in stealth suits sneaking in to other corporations. If you want to know what other people are up to, this is the stat for you.

Counter Ops

This represents your ability to resist covert ops. It’s how you keep your secrets hidden. As a defensive stat it is automatically applied to each location.

Research and Development (RnD)

Arguably the most interesting and important stat in a technology based game. This is the skill that allows you to come up with new technologies, research and understand mysteries and generally cause the GM a headache with your bizarre ideas. If you want to create deadly weapons that harness the molecular resonance of reality, or shields that deflect angry emotions back at the attackers, then this is the stat for you.

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