Welcome to Eden, humanity’s leading farming company.

From its vast holdings providing humanity with a resource of fresh vegetables and protien, to invididual “flavour pods” which can be grown even in the limited space of your living quarters, Eden is all around you.

Grown from the seed of wanting to ensure that humanity doesn’t have to sustain themselves on tasteless protien bars and grains made into gruel. Eden provides you with the flavour in your life.

Eden @ work
Providing sustainable and fresh tasting food for corporations everywhere, Eden is one of the biggest suppliers of fresh food across humanity. Want a change in your diet? Eden is always open to new corporate partnerships ensuring that everyone has a healthy, balanced diet.

Eden @ home
Eden is not just about marcro farming, we can help you prepare for colonisation today! Message us here to find out more about how you can learn the basics of farming in the privacy in your own quarters by purchasing one of our flavour pods.

Eden @ leisure
Bored of looking at the same bulkhead over and over again. Why not pay a visit to Eden? With locations with an easy travel distance, take a tour of our gardens and relax among our glistening pools with a cup of exclusive blend of tea.

Eden is only a step away.



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